Golden Glass

Golden Glass was established in 2007 and is specialized in the glass design production.

Golden Glass is proud to launch on the market of furniture and interior design a product which you've never seen before: the MultiDecor. The MultiDecor is a glass which can be produced on sheets or custom-cut and decorated with original and innovative materials. Golden Glass has conceived and developed this product with a unique technique which cannot be reproduced with serigraphy and digital printings.

MultiDecor comes from the extreme versatility of the glass in the field of furniture and the continuous research of materials in different areas even if they're not linked to the furnishing market.

The continuous innovation is the most important feature of the company. Golden Glass can offer a wide range of products not only for the finishes but also in other base materials which are different from the glass, as acrylic panels, MDF and polycarbonate. Every panel is decorated with original and trendy materials. The finishes are customized and they can be made on these materials with several thickness and dimensions.

To get more acquainted with Golden Glass products and download catalogues and technical information you may visit the website.

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