ELEKTRA is the leading manufacturer of premium lighting systems (LED, Fluorescent, Halogen) including control gear and connector systems for use in kitchen cabinets, furniture, shop fitting and retail environment.

Elektra holds unique position in the lighting market because Elektra is the only company that has different kind of lights prepared for mains voltage, means lights with integrated drivers.

Most of the Elektra LD lights such as LD 8001-58 and LD 8001-78, have recessed spots with 13,5mm installing depth and 2000mm lead with mini plug. Due to mini plug system it is like “plug & play”, so no electrician is required. The same applies with LD 8010A, LD 8010EF, LD 5000, LD 8002, LD 8015W, LD 8021.

Light creates emotions and moods, expresses warmth and colours. Light and illumination accompany us through leisure and work time, day and night. ELEKTRA's claim is to be part of daily life through its products and thereby offering lighting solutions uniting quality, design and energy efficiency to a conclusive entity. Our objective is the success of our customers

To get more acquainted with  ELEKTRA products and download catalogues and technical information you may visit the website.

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